Its always fun to have friends over for food or drinks.  With that in mind, I have selected a few timeless accessories to help the fun of entertaining.

Beer Flights

Rose Hollow is located close to Asheville, one of the nation’s premier craft brewing cities (yes, we have the second Sierra Nevada and second New Belgium breweries in the country and we have almost 50 smaller local craft breweries in the area – thanks to North Carolina being one of the first state to lifting restrictions on the alcohol content of beer).

With so much to choose from, beer flights are really handy! With holes that go right through the board and the longer flute necks of the glasses, the glasses are very stable.

These beer flights each come in walnut, oak, cherry or birds eye maple – four 5 oz (approx) beer flutes (sorry no beer) are included – for $65.  Other hard wood species are available upon request – call for pricing.

DSCN0395 DSCN0392 DSCN0391

Bar Boards

These 7 inch by 5 inch boards are ideal for cutting citrus or other fruits for adding to beverages. I reserve one in my own kitchen for cutting garlic – so I don’t taint the other boards with garlic flavors (no more garlic tasting strawberries!):


Charcuterie Boards

These boards are the ideal for serving cheeses and preserved meats (salami, ham, cured and smoked meats, Pâté, etc.).  These handsome boards are available for $70 at Flow Gallery in Marshall, the Chop Shop in Asheville or direct from Rose Hollow.

Charcuterie, Walnut

Walnut with maple accents

Charcuterie, Cherry

Cherry with walnut accents

I make Charcuterie boards with four basic species of US domestic wood – Walnut, Maple, Cherry and Oak (not pictured here).


Charcuterie Board, Birds Eye Maple

Birds eye Maple

(For inquiring minds, here is a link to a more extensive description of charcuterie: click here)

Lazy Susans

A Lazy Susan (or Lazy Suzy) is a turntable placed on a table or countertop to aid in moving food. They are usually circular and placed in the center of a circular table to share dishes easily among the diners. While Lazy Susans may be made from a variety of materials, Rose Hollow Lazy Susans are made using hardwood, with the distinctive dot inlays.  The three examples shown below are made by sandwiching a layer of contrasting wood between the upper and lower primary woods.

Lazy Susans Dotty SusanLazy Susans IIThese examples show maple sandwiched between walnut (affectionately known as ‘Oreo’), Walnut sandwiched between maple (known as ‘Chocolate Chip’) and purple heart sandwiched between cherry (known as ‘cherry clafouti’).  These lazy susans range in diameter, but are typically 14-18 inches across.  Prices usually vary between $250 and $350. Please contact Rose Hollow Connections for specific choices and prices or special requests.


No dining table is complete without candles, whether for a formal dinner, a romantic dinner for two or simply a family dinner.  Candlesticks range in price from $15 to $20 each; they are sold singly or in pairs.

Candle Sticks