Lazy Susans – from $250 and up

A Lazy Susan (or Lazy Suzy) is a turntable placed on a table or counter-top to aid in moving food. They are usually circular and placed in the center of a table to share dishes easily among the diners. While Lazy Susans may be made from a variety of materials, Rose Hollow Lazy Susans are made using hardwood, with the distinctive dot inlays.

Lazy Susans Dotty SusanLazy Susans IIThese examples show maple sandwiched between walnut (affectionately known as ‘Oreo’), Walnut sandwiched between maple (known as ‘Chocolate Chip’) and purple heart sandwiched between cherry (known as ‘cherry clafouti’).  Another, not shown, style is ‘Oatmeal Raisin’ – yes, oak with walnut! These lazy susans range in diameter, but are typically 16-24inches across.  Prices usually vary between $250 and $500. Please contact Rose Hollow Connections for specific choices and prices.

custom lazy susan


Custom 24″ – ambrosia maple with fixed center made out of wenge.




Custom 21″ – cherry, wenge and purple heart incl. example of matching base