Home Decor

Clocks, mirrors, lazy susans and more……

The richness, durability and natural variability of both domestic and exotic hardwoods, coupled with my distinctive designs and accents, combine to make beautiful home decor options.


Rose Hollow Clocks feature battery-operated movements and a variety of hands.  I have made a wide selection of clocks, including a custom-designed banjo-shaped clock.  Below are three of the most popular designs; I can make them in a variety of hardwoods. Click here for a wider selection.


Wally – 20″ Round – $225

Exclamation Point 1

Exclamation Point – 22″x7″  – $135


Hands – 4″ center w/20″ hand swing – $110


Rose Hollow Mirrors are sized from 11″x8″ to 64″x22″.  There are round , square and rectangular mirrors, some with beveled glass and some with plain glass.  Most feature the distinctive Rose Hollow accents such as multiple species of domestic and exotic hardwoods, dots and splines.


Ambrosia Maple – 10″x20″ rectangle – $150


Sapele & yellow heart – 12” round – $130


Cherry & purple heart – 64”x22” – $350


Walnut and Yellow Heart – 18″ square – $145


Birds eye maple & walnut with coat hook – 16”x25” – $150

Lazy Susans

A Lazy Susan (or Lazy Suzy) is a turntable placed on a table or countertop to aid in moving food. They are usually circular and placed in the center of a table to share dishes easily among the diners. While Lazy Susans may be made from a variety of materials, Rose Hollow Lazy Susans are made from hardwood, with the distinctive dot inlays.

Lazy Susans Dotty SusanLazy Susans II

These examples show maple sandwiched between walnut (affectionately known as ‘Oreo’), Walnut sandwiched between maple (known as ‘Chocolate Chip’) and purple heart sandwiched between cherry (known as ‘cherry clafouti’).  These lazy susans range in diameter, but are typically 16-24 inches across.  Prices usually vary between $150 and $500. Please contact Rose Hollow Connections for specific choices and prices.


No dining table is complete without candles, whether for a formal dinner, a romantic dinner for two or simply a family dinner.  Candlesticks range in price from $15 to $20 each; they are sold singly or in pairs.

Candle Sticks