Specialty Cutting Boards

In addition to my popular Charcuterie boards which are featured separately, my specialty cutting board line includes:

  • Triple Sets (small, medium and large cut from the same piece of stock to ensure consistency of color and grain), which come with display bases:

Triple Set RailroadTriple Set - Clipped Ellipse Style



  • Skillet-shaped boards – decorated funky one piece boards shaped like a skillet, in either walnut or maple:


  • Butcher block boards  (photo not yet available)
  • Round ‘cheese boards’


  • Bar Boards – these 7 inch by 5 inch boards are ideal for cutting citrus or other fruits for adding to beverages.  I reserve one in my own kitchen for cutting garlic – so I don’t taint the other boards with garlic flavors (no more garlic tasting strawberries!):